MegaFood_childrens_healthChildren and teenagers sure do grow up fast, and ensuring they receive the nourishment they need to grow healthy and strong is vital to their happiness and healthy development. Today, with limited diets, food allergies and busy schedules, many children and teenagers are deficient in key nutrients including vitamins A, D, C and minerals. MegaFood is committed to making the most wholesome supplements possible for children and young adults. We choose not to include any ingredients such as sweeteners, colorings or flavorings that are common in children’s natural supplements. We also understand that this may be a challenge for some children who prefer sweet and colorful chewables, but we also believe that offering whole food supplements in a easy-to-swallow tablet or capsule also helps to build healthy habits for life. Formulated by a mother and kid approved, we encourage you to take the MegaFood challenge and offer your children or young adult any one of nourishing multivitamins or probiotic formulas.

Kid's B Complex, Kid's One Daily and Kid's Vitamin D3 are recommended for children 5 years of age or older.

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