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MegaFood has made whole food supplements for 40 years and we take great pride in knowing we deliver the promise of farm fresh foods to you in every product we make.  Doing this is not easy, yet we believe farm fresh whole foods are the best way to deliver authentic nourishment and not just vitamins and minerals alone.  

To make dietary supplements that provide the most authentic nourishment possible, we first begin with sourcing fruits, vegetables and whole grains from our Farm Fresh Farm Partners throughout the United States and Canada.  We work with family-owned farmers known for their commitment to grow with care and ethical farming practices. Each season we receive freshly harvested foods right at our back door, where they are then rigorously examined for quality, prior to beginning their journey through our privately-owned facility and one-of-kind Slo-Food Process.

To retain the freshness of the foods we source from the farm to each tablet we produce, our Slo-Food Process was designed to be slow and gentle. This means we do not expose the foods to damaging temperatures that diminish the foods nutritional value, nor destroy any of the colorful aromatic compounds that give a freshly harvested food its color, taste and nutritional punch! By preserving freshness of the foods we source, we believe it makes all the difference in our products and your health.

To learn more about our Slo-Food Process, click here.

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