\Every day each of us is subject to innumerable ‘invaders’ in the form of pollution, stress, chemicals found in processed foods, and airborne or contact transmitted pathogens. One of the best ways to maintain our natural defense mechanisms is to consume a diet rich with a colorful spectrum of nutrient rich whole foods.* Foods which are rich in antioxidants enable the body to properly do the work of protecting itself from the toxins of daily living, supporting immune health, cardiovascular system, skin health, and overall vitality.*  

MegaFood offers a range of specialty products with botanicals, rich in free-radical scavenging compounds.  The whole foods used in MegaFood FoodState Nutrients naturally supply a host of other antioxidant factors, such as glutathione, beta glucans and alpha lipoic acid.

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Non-GMO Project Verification

Curious about MegaFood Non-GMO Project Verification Status?  This is the perfect place to watch our progress.  Check in every-other week to see the progress on product and ingredient verification status!

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