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Earth Week: Little Ways to Inspire Planet Wellness

Earth Week: Little Ways to Inspire Planet Wellness

Just because Earth Day falls on a weekend this year doesn’t mean we’re off the hook at MegaFood! In fact, our Culture Club raised the bar and implemented a week-long, planet-friendly theme around the occasion. For indeed, every day should be Earth Day.

Here’s our line-up of initiatives for Earth Week. We hope you’re inspired to join us in making some of these practices a routine occurrence in your life and home.

Minimalism Monday

To encourage living simply, and thus using less resources, we’re kicking the week off with a minimalist focus, including a viewing of the Minimalism documentary, and a Lunch & Learn presentation on minimizing by one of our very own employees. If minimalism is a topic that intrigues you, don’t hesitate to check out our recent podcast episode, Simply Grateful, which focuses on simplifying, joy, and gratitude through the act of minimizing.

Take It Tuesday

Spinning off of the idea of minimalism, decluttering, and recycling, Take It Tuesday involves a big moving truck at the MegaFood HQ. Employees will be able to unload clothing, furniture, knick-knacks, and other lightly used items. These items will be donated appropriately, with an emphasis on rehoming vs. tossing in order to keep reusable goods out of the waste stream and into second hands!

Wake Up Wednesday

We may be getting a little carried away with alliteration here, because today hones in on B Corporations! But, since there isn’t a day of the week that begins with B, we thought “Wake Up Wednesday” had a better ring to it. MegaFood recently became a Certified B Corp, which is no easy task. We’re really proud to have earned a spot on the list of companies using business as a force for good. Intrigued? Learn more about the B Corp Movement.

Thank the Earth Thursday

The Earth provides us with, well, everything. In turn, the least we can do is keep her clean. Today is all about the good old-fashioned clean-up. While MegaFood’s home state of New Hampshire is fairly free of litter at first sight, all that (finally) melting snow is revealing a full season’s worth of carelessly tossed cans, fast food wrappers, and random refuse. We’re armed and ready to sweep our streets. On your next neighborhood walk, pick that six-pack ring up instead of passing it by!

Flora Fresh Friday

If you’ve followed MegaFood for awhile, you may remember our penchant for pollinators. This year, we’re distributing Seedles to all of our employees. This seed bomb company’s goal is to grow 1 billion wildflowers in support of the bees! Given how crucial the role of the bee is to organic farming, this is a goal near and dear to our heart. You can also make your own seed bombs- we know, because we did! No matter what method you choose for planting, just planting something this week is a win.

Saturday and Sunday?

Ah, the weekend! Time to check heating and cooling systems, tighten those faucets, and shut off the lights. If you’re the last person to walk through your office on Friday at 5pm, do the Earth a favor and ensure resources aren’t being wasted.

We hope this week produces some lasting takeaways when it comes to being mindful and habitual in respect to the Earth. Share your successes and aspirations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; we love to be inspired, too!



Posted April 20, 2018