| MegaFood | September 12, 2018 |

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With the return to school comes the inevitable challenge of staying healthy- for kids and parents alike! Between the busy school day, the reintroduction of homework, and the endless after-school sports and activities, have you paused yet to think about how to best boost your immune system? Maybe you’re on top of it (A+, moms and dads), maybe you’re not. No worries; you can still make the grade!

Angela Bekkala, a.k.a., Happy Fit Mama, is one of the moms who prepared herself and her family before this season really ramped up. Learn which of our immune supporting supplements she uses to boost her immune system, and her kids’ right here on her blog. As a bonus, you’ll get a few other basic (yet easy-to-forget!) tips for feeling fabulous this fall, not to mention a delicious smoothie recipe. Cheers to your health!