It took us a bit of time to warm up to the idea of gummy vitamins. Most gummies contain things like corn syrup, gelatin, added colors and artificial flavors. We weren’t interested in any of that. At the same time, we understood that nearly 40% of the US population has trouble swallowing tablets.1 As a company who believes access is for everyone, we made it our mission to create a better gummy that adults could trust and enjoy.

All seven of our gummies, like all of our premium supplements, had to uphold to our obsessive quality standards, support our vision of a more sustainable future and support your body with optimal nutrition. That’s a tall order for such a tiny bite! Here’s how we did it...

Real, essential ingredients

Our gummies are crafted with real food from our trusted farm partners; people who are committed to sustainable and organic growing practices that produce nutrient-rich food. The best part is: all that real food provides a glorious, real food flavor you can taste, like fresh ginger zing, tangy turmeric, tart cherry or sweet juicy berries.

We’ve used the minimum amount of sugar required to create a perfect gummy texture, with no unnecessary sugary outer coatings. With all of our gummies, each daily serving (of two) contains 2 grams of sugar or less.

To craft conscious, clean gummies meant we had to enforce our “no” list. GMO’s, gluten, dairy, soy, artificial flavorings, colorings, and gelatin were off the table; you won’t find any of these things in our gummies. Like all of our supplements, they have also been tested for 125+ herbicides and pesticides. In addition, they're each certified Glyphosate Residue Free, as glyphosate isn’t just an herbicide we want to avoid, but also one we’re aiming to ban from our nation's food production.

Gummies to fill nutrient gaps

With nutrition, food is always first. We strongly believe that fresh, whole foods are the best place to get our nutrients. However, data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that nutrient deficiencies aren’t just common in the United States, but prevalent. Because Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3 are so often lacking in today’s standard diet, making gummies to address these gaps was a logical place to start.

Gummies to support your lifestyle

Nutrients aren’t the only thing we’re “missing” in our typically hectic modern lifestyle. While the concept of self-care currently sits in the spotlight, we still have that tendency to push it straight to the back burner as work, family, and social demands take priority. When this happens, maybe it’s struggle to get quality sleep, support your immune system, or manage a healthy inflammation response. Our newest gummy formulations were designed to offer a convenient and delicious solution to these common challenges.*


A brand you can believe in

Being a certified B Corp means we are serious about providing you with the best supplements in the world, and for the world. Beyond our dedication to nutrition, you’ll find our massive ambition: to change the world, starting with food. We recognize our social and environmental responsibilities as a business, and using our power for good is a big part of the B Corp promise.

If you’re ready to support your wellness,* and a more sustainable future, we think our supplements are the perfect choice. The only challenge now is deciding which of our seven gummy formulations to try first!


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1 - Harris Interactive Inc. Pill-Swallowing Problems in America: A National Survey of Adults. New York, NY: Harris Interactive Inc. for Schwarz Pharma; 2003. pp. 1–39.