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Cheers! Our new (drinkable!) daily multivitamin powders are here

Cheers! Our new (drinkable!) daily multivitamin powders are here

| Abigail McShinsky | September 27, 2018 |

Let’s assume, for the sake of this article, that you are totally on board the multivitamin train. Choo-choo! The gaps in our diets are real and well-documented, and a multi is a convenient way to fill those gaps (if you need a bit more convincing, we’ve got some prerequisite reading here – optional, of course!).

A multi, however, is only a convenient way to fill the gaps if it’s convenient for you to take! Perhaps you’re one of nearly half the US adult population that has difficulty swallowing tablets (up to 40% of us do!), and you know this firsthand. I often say the most effective multivitamin is the one you’ll actually take, and if swallowing tablets is a no-go, where does that leave you?

The most effective multivitamin is the one you’ll actually take.

There has been a surge of alternate delivery forms for supplements on store shelves recently for just this reason. There are a host of gummy products in the aisle of your local health food store (MegaFood gummies included!) to help fill those gaps, but it’s a challenge to get real food and all the meaningful nutrients of a multivitamin into one small bite. Not only that, but we know that not everyone wants the added sugar of a gummy in their day-to-day. (Even if each MegaFood gummy contains no more than 1 gram!)

Access is for everyone

We believe that access is for everyone, and that can take a lot of shapes. For some, access to better nutrition can be as simple as making their multi a bit easier to swallow – the form of an ultra blendable, Daily Multi Powder perhaps?

We took the same FoodState Nutrients you know and love, made with real foods from our farm partners, and put them into a CONVENIENT (for everyone!) easy-to-blend powder that can be added to juice or smoothies to support optimal health and well-being*.

What you will find in the Adult Multi Powders collection:

  • A range of 6 multivitamins designed to support the changing needs of men and women throughout life*
  • Additional superfoods such as kale and turmeric for added nourishment*
  • Methylated forms of folate and B12 suitable for those with MTHFR gene mutation and compromised methylation*

What you WON’T find:

  • No sweeteners or preservatives (of course)
  • No flavorings
  • No colorings

Convenience is for everyone, too

You don’t need to have difficulty swallowing tablets to take the multi powders, of course! Perhaps you’re like my husband and always forget to take your multi at night but NEVER forgot to make your morning smoothie – he and the men’s multivitamin powder are a match made in heaven! Or maybe, as an expectant mom, a prenatal multivitamin powder is the only form you can manage. While we’re riding this “convenience” wagon, I also wanted to let you know that we made it easy as possible to find the best multi powder for you – simply choose the formula that best matches your needs, and get to blending!

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.