MegaFood | Dec. 2019

Probiotics play an important role in supporting overall health and well-being.* We believe they are so important, in fact, that we consider them part of the Fab Four - the four foundational supplements we recommend everyone check out!

When it comes to choosing the right probiotic, there are a few things you want to look for to ensure a potent and supportive product. Things like CFU count, number of strains, and product function (does it support just digestive health, or does it also support urinary tract health in women, for example) are all important to identify when choosing a product that is right for you. (Not sure what all this lingo means? Check out our digestive health dictionary!)

With this in mind, we have updated the labels of your favorite MegaFlora® and Shelf-Stable probiotics to make finding the right fit for you and your family even easier! You’ll notice a cleaner front-panel, easy-to-spot CFU, or live culture count, as well as the number of strains right there on the front!

Whether you want to include prebiotics in your supplementation or focus on keeping it simple, our re-designed labels make it easier, and more obvious than ever, to find just what you need. Here’s to making good health easy!

MegaFlora with Turmeric    Digestive Health Probiotic

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