| MegaFood | September 12, 2018 |

This author's original post, Supplements – Do you need to take them?, was sponsored by MegaFood and published on SimpleRootsWellness.com. All opinions and text are her own. We enjoy working with bloggers who share our vision of nourishing the world!

Meet Alexa Schirm of Simple Roots Wellness. This nutritionist blogger’s mission is to help her readers get healthy, live happy, and find joy. We can get behind that!

When it comes to supplements, Alexa wasn’t initially a fan. She reflects on her thoughts about taking them, saying: “I thought it was a cop-out to eating healthy and nourishing foods. I specifically remember having a very heated debate with my husband’s roommate, who religiously consumed protein powder on a regular basis – I couldn’t understand why he chose a supplement over real, healthy foods! Of course, at that age, I thought I already knew everything.” (Sound like you, or someone you know?)

Well, 10 years later, Alexa reports that her view has changed dramatically. To learn why, check out Supplements – Do you need to take them? over at SimpleRootsWellness.com. There, you’ll also find an exclusive podcast interview with our medical director, Dr. Erin Stokes, that goes even deeper on the topic!

Are supplements necessary? Simple Roots Radio explains.