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Supplements to Support your Heart!

Supplements to Support your Heart!

| Abigail McShinsky |

Valentine’s Day is a polarizing holiday. Personally, I love any additional opportunity to celebrate loved ones, but I’m not a huge fan of all those paper cards (poor trees!) and all that sugar (poor teeth!). Regardless of your personal feelings towards it, however, there is no escaping the brightly-colored cards, candies, and giant hearts that adorn even gas-station shelves this time of year.

Over on our podcast That Supplement Show, it got us thinking about that Valentine’s staple and symbol of love - the heart - and how it represents a very real and vital organ! If you want to take a listen, we dive into both aspects of heart health - the physical and emotional - in honor of the this month’s celebration of it, or, you can read on to learn about ways to supplement your heart health this month, and all year long!

Let’s pause, for a moment, and assume, since we’re all MegaFoodies, that we are aware of the CRITICAL role exercise and a healthy diet has in heart (and total-body!) health, and we are all doing our best to incorporate activity and lots of veggies on a daily basis. Agreed? Good.

In addition to that, there are supplemental considerations that we can look towards to help keep our heart healthy:

B12, Folate, and B6

Homocysteine is an amino acid that we get mostly from meat, and elevated levels of it in the blood has been linked to cardiovascular issues.1 According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Homocysteine is an amino acid and breakdown product of protein metabolism that, when present in high concentrations, has been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Elevated homocysteine levels are thought to contribute to plaque formation by damaging arterial walls.”2 The good news is that adequate intake of B12, folate, and B6 work to bring these levels down.3

A product such as MegaFood’s Methyl B12 combines methylated (active) forms of folate, B12 and B6 to support heart and blood health as well as helping to maintain healthy levels of homocysteine.*



According to Doctor Low Dog, “magnesium is extremely important for cardiovascular health” (Fortify Your Life, 177).4 When we talk about relaxing supplements, usually we refer to botanicals, but magnesium actually has a relaxing effect on our muscles, which in turn supports healthy blood pressure levels.* Not to digress, but magnesium also helps maintain nerve and muscle function, heart health, and more*, all of which you can read about here!

Because we’re all about food here at MegaFood, we combine 50 mg of FoodState® Magnesium delivered with wholesome nutritional yeast with an additional 50 mg of organic spinach, which provides a synergistic source of additional trace minerals and life-enhancing chlorophyll.* Take it in the evening before bed to make use of the relaxing nature of this mineral!*

MegaFood Magnesium Tablets 60 Count Bottle

Vitamin K2

Even your multi can work for your heart! In Fortify Your Life, Doctor Low Dog also talks about the K2/heart connection: “Stunningly, results published in the Journal of Nutrition showed high dietary intake of K2...had a strong protective effect on cardiovascular health” (141). To get K2 in the diet, “including some soft and hard cheese and eggs (with yolks, please) can ramp up vitamin K2 levels. Fermented foods are also a good source of K2” (142). Want to learn more - click here!

To fill in any gaps, a multivitamin that contains K2 is a smart choice. You might’ve guessed that we’ve got you covered there, too! Our Doctor-Formulated Multis contain both K1 and K2 (with the exception of the Over 55 products) to help top you off!

So there you have it - a few ways to supplement your heart health and show it some love, no candies or cards needed! 

MegaFood Doctor-Formulated Multivitamins by Dr. Low Dog

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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