Whenever we try to add a new healthy routine to our lives, one of the biggest difficulties we encounter is simply sticking with it. You know we’re big fans of taking a daily multivitamin as part of a foundational health and wellness plan, and you’ve probably heard us utter some version of “the best multi for you is the one you’ll actually take.” Part of that is because we know creating a new habit and keeping it going can be tricky, and so choosing the right formula and format can go a long way in making it stick. With that in mind, here are three easy tips to make sure taking your multi is second nature:

  1. On the go a lot? Take your multi with you! One Daily Multivitamin Soft Chews are individually wrapped and convenient to toss into your bag for a day (or week!) on the road.
  2. Healthy habits beget healthy habits! If you’re out of the house early for your workout, then straight to the office, try a scoop of our multi powders tossed into your post-workout shake.
  3. Prefer traditional tablets instead? Place your multivitamin bottle where you will see it- integrate it with other routines you’ve already established.
    • Keep your multi bottle in the kitchen cupboard next to your coffee mugs
    • More of a night person? Make room for your multi next to your face wash or toothbrush

Have tips or tricks that have helped you stick to your supplement plan? Share it with fellow MegaFoodies to start a multi-movement!


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