Being busy might not be the only reason you're run down

1 in 10 women in the United States is at risk for low iron


Iron does a ton for the body: it helps with cellular energy production, human growth and development, healthy brain function and the ability to maintain a healthy body temperature.*

Bottom line: Oxygen = Life

Just breathe, the saying goes. Easier said than done. Without enough iron to make healthy hemoglobin, your body simply can't get enough oxygen.*

Signs and Symptoms of Low Iron Include Occasional:

  1. Fatigue (most common symptom)
  2. Muscle weakness upon exertion
  3. Heart palpitations
  4. Pale skin
  5. Decreased focus2
  6. Occasional sadness3
  7. An inability to stay warm

Note: Consumers should consult with their health care practitioner for advice regarding specific health conditions and recommended solutions.


Meet Our Solution Since 1982: Blood Builder

Now Clinically Shown to Increase Iron Levels*†!

We want to make sure everyone knows how important it is to get enough iron, which is why we took one of our top-selling products, Blood Builder, and sent it to college (a.k.a. enrolled it in a clinical study with the University of Maryland School of Medicine). Participants were provided a daily dose of Blood Builder and studied across an 8-week period, where researchers recorded their iron stores and any side effects, such as constipation and nausea. After the 8-week period, study participants showed statistically significant improvements in every measure of iron status. And did we mention: NO constipation or nausea*†!

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Non-Anemic Iron Deficiency — Who's at Risk?

Menstruating Women

Go with the flow! Menstruating women require at least 18 mg of iron per day.4

Pregnant Women

Eating for two means iron for two: your iron needs increase by 50% during pregnancy. 5

Vegans & Vegetarians

40% of vegans and vegetarians are iron deficient.6

Athletes (especially women)

Going for the gold? It might affect your iron stores. 7

Recent Blood Donors

Blood donors need to replenish lost iron stores after donation.8

Real Reviews

Blood Builder, my HERO — Stacey, Director of Innovation

I love Blood Builder—it is one of my MegaFood product SHEROs! Having had iron deficiency at times in my adulthood, Blood Builder has been the only iron supplement I found to not only be effective in bringing my body back into balance, but also helped improve my outlook, energy levels, and overall wellbeing*. This is by far my #1 recommended MegaFood product for women in need of iron.

Doesn’t cause me discomfort — Kathryn

I’ve dealt with iron deficiency and its symptoms pretty much my entire adult life—I also follow a largely plant-based diet, so meeting my iron needs has often meant relying on iron pills. Blood Builder is one of the few iron supplements that I’ve tried that I can actually tolerate—and most importantly, it doesn’t constipate me (essential for me personally, since digestion is a huge cornerstone of my health practice).*

My iron story — Erin, Medical Director

After the birth of my son, I was iron deficient. Blood Builder was my go-to choice for a supplement, as I had witnessed firsthand its positive results over the years with many, many women. At my six-week postpartum check-up, my medical doctor asked me specifically what iron supplement I was taking, since my lab results had shown a clear improvement. Just as important for me, I had a lot more energy and was feeling much more like myself.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

D'Adamo, C., Berman, B., Chen, K., & Novick, J. (2016). Effects of a commercially-available, low-dose iron supplement (Blood Builder®) on markers of iron status among premenopausal and nonanemic iron-deficient women. (Manuscript submitted for publication.)