We heart plants, too! Blood Builder is a 100% vegan way to supplement the iron you may be missing in your diet.

Pump up the nutritional powerhouse! A plant-based diet can be a great way to support your health (and the health of the planet!). * While fruits and vegetables deliver BIG TIME when it comes to vitamins and minerals, iron tends to be easier to absorb from animal sources—and so it’s important to work with your healthcare practitioner to monitor your iron levels, which may be more likely to be low. 40% of vegans and vegetarians are iron deficient


Fortunately, Blood Builder is a certified vegan source of non-heme (plant-based) iron. Plus it’s got Vitamin C from oranges, which helps with iron absorption, and FoodState™ folate and B12 to support healthy red blood cells. Who says you can’t have your vegan carrot cake and eat it too?

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D'Adamo, C., Berman, B., Chen, K., & Novick, J. (2016). Effects of a commercially-available, low-dose iron supplement (Blood Builder®) on markers of iron status among premenopausal and nonanemic iron-deficient women.