Bethany Davis, MegaFood Director of Advocacy & Government Affairs | Sept. 2019

Have you heard? It’s coming. The largest day of climate action in world history!

Join us in participating in the Global Climate Strike! This September millions of us will walk out of schools, businesses and homes to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. We have learned this past year that when you speak up with enough voices, people listen and the groundwork for change is laid!

The Global Climate Strike is a youth-led movement to speak up about greenhouse gas emissions and what needs to be done to cool our warming planet. Ignited by Greta Thunberg a little over a year ago, the #fridaysforfuture experiment has grown from a one woman protest to a global movement. And now the kids are inviting the rest of us to strike as well.


So on September 20th, 2019, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, we are joining millions of people in over one hundred countries by walking out of work for the day here at MegaFood HQ in Manchester, NH. We are partnering with other companies like Lush, Ben and Jerry’s and Stonyfield in support of the movement and halting our business activities to take time out for what is most important - saving our planet! And you can too! Join us in supporting the Climate Strike!

If you follow climate change news as closely as we do at MegaFood, you’d know that the last month has been filled with stunning and saddening news. Greenland is melting at rates we didn’t expect to see until 2070. Pollinators are continuing to die at an alarming rate due to our toxic pesticide use, putting us in what scientists are calling an “insect apocalypse”. Also, as we have been talking about this year, our food is less nutritious because our soils aren't healthy and it’s only going to get worse. And...this is just news from this past few weeks. 

So are you ready to do something? Sign up to participate in a Climate Strike here.


As a B Corporation and a radically transparent company, we aren’t quiet about our environmental and social responsibility. We work hard and take bold action to create a world where everyone is truly nourished. Here are some of the ways we're doing that.