From Farm to Tablet: Our On-site Lab

From Farm to Tablet: Our On-site Lab

If you’ve been following us for the last couple of years, you know that we like to go big on transparency. In fact, we call it Big “T” Transparency, where the T stands for trust. And a huge part of this is making sure we produce formulations that our customers can feel safe taking.

Since we’ve pulled back the curtain to check out our tablet presses and our dryers (and even the bear claw),  it only makes sense to spend some time talking about the ways we ensure a pure and potent product for you. Without this aspect of our manufacturing, there would be no point in investing in Refractance Window Drying, or refurbishing old, but slow and gentle, tablet presses. Testing not only comes first, but it’s also the last thing we do before a product makes it into the bottle and off to your local natural product retailer’s shelves.

Because we work with whole foods and botanicals in such high amounts (over 500,00 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and herbs make it to us each year!), we opted to develop our own on-site analytical laboratory to streamline testing, and allow us to truly have control from Farm to Tablet. This lab handles the majority of our quality control testing, from botanical identity to allergens and heavy metals.

The lab, which we affectionately refer to as 4 Delta (no fancy code names here, just the street it resides on!) is staffed with a dedicated crew of talented scientists. This facility (and this is something we are really proud of) is ISO9001 certified, which means it is certified to conform to internationally recognized standards for quality assurance, and we are audited each year to ensure we are maintaining this status. The first two minutes of this video let you walk around the lab room a bit!