Bee Informed, Bee Inspired. Earth Day, 2016 at MegaFood

Bee Informed, Bee Inspired. Earth Day, 2016 at MegaFood

Earth day has turned into Earth week here at MegaFood. The festivities surrounding Earth Day fall to our company's Culture Club, a cross-functional team who creates fun,educational and engaging experiences inspired by MegaFood's Core Values. (You may remember reading about the amazing holiday gala they threw this past winter.)

Last year, the Culture Club unanimously decided to focus on the importance of Pollinators during Earth Day. Check out The Bee-Inspired Initiative - Part One and The Bee-Inspired Initiative - Part Two to see what they did in 2015 (which involved a LOT of dirt, and a LOT of seeds!)

2016. New year, new theme, right? Wrong! Our pollinator population is still in decline, and it's still a huge concern. So, our Culture Club wanted to keep pollinators - namely the honeybee - at the forefront of their efforts, focusing on education as a means for inspiration. The week has kicked off with this message from our fearless Culture Club Lead, Ashley. Or, maybe we should call her AshBee...

Given all the important things that AshBee had to say, we've created a few little informational posts that you can easily share on social media. Do your part by sharing the buzz; just click the image you want to share for download!

Beekeeper Q & A

In addition to spreading the important message that the honeybees need our help, we've pulled from some internal resources to bring you more unBEElieveable info regarding bees. Would you believe that THREE of our employees are beekeepers? We've interviewed them all, and compiled their responses to our presszzzzzing questions. Here's what they had to say in our Beekeeper Q & A!

Into the Hive

The Culture Club got the opportunity to visit the 4 hives of their fellow co-worker George, MegaFood's Quality Assurance Specialist. Watch as they get up close and personal with George's 300,000 honeybees!

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