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Who’s Behind Your Tablet? | Employee Spotlight with Our "Great People Finder"

Name: Alison Moore

Job Title: Corporate Recruiter, a.k.a., Great People Finder.

Working with MegaFood for: 2 years

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What’s the best thing about your role at MegaFood?

One thing that’s really fun about my job is that here at MegaFood, every hire I make feels like it really matters. Every person that gets hired, no matter what their role is, helps to grow the business. That’s really stimulating and rewarding. And, it’s fun!

What’s the most challenging?

We have some positions that are very specialized; our Product Formulator position, for example. It has very specialized skill set- thus we’ve been looking nationally for candidates. It’s time intensive, and there’s a lot involved. I make a concerted effort to do my due diligence and do my homework so that only the right candidates are asked for a follow-up interview. But, sometimes the search can go on for a long while.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work to relax?

After saying hello to everyone, changing into some comfy sweatpants and a MegaFood tee shirt, lately I’ve been binge-watching Breaking Bad (have you watched it? Oh, man… it’s something else!) Otherwise, I like to read. I find reading unbelievably relaxing.

Tell us what’s in your perfect sandwich.

The first thing that popped into my mind was a BLT. I mean, who doesn’t like bacon? Well, I guess a vegan wouldn’t, but I sure do. :) Mine would have real mayo and be on a crunchy whole wheat poppy seed bread. Toasted, of course.

Biggest Celebrity Crush?

I don’t really have one, but I think Robert DeNiro can be pretty sexy.

Proudest moment?

I was thinking about this one… Everyone always says “The day I got married,” or, “The day my children were born,” so I don’t know if this is necessarily proud… but my happiest moments or most contented moments are when I look around my home, and the people in my immediate family are content and happy themselves. As a parent, when you just look around and think, “Ahhh…” That’s the best. When everyone’s just doing well, and things are good.

Do you regularly take any MegaFood products?

There’s a whole mixture of things in my cabinet. Right now I’m taking the Multi for Women Over 55. I think all of our products are great, but  every day, I tat least try to take a good multi. I also feel so great about our products in general, as they’re made with real fruits and vegetables. They’re so easy to get behind.

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