MegaFoodie Spotlight: Meet Jen

This month's featured MegaFoodie is all about the Farm-to-Table (and our Farm-to-Tablet)!

Be sure to read to the end of this feature; her thoughts on "being real" are just beautiful. Enjoy! XO.

Name: Jen Hill

Occupation: Pilates Instructor,  Co-Partner at Stagl Organics and CSA, Work-Based Coordinator at Highland High School, Blogger for

MegaFoodie Since: 2009



Bloomington, Indiana, Go Hoosiers!


Where else have you lived? Where do you live now?

After graduating from BYU in Utah, our growing family took a chance by going out to NYC for a job. A few years later, Boston. Circa 1999, it was a jump to Silicon Valley, CA. Now, in full circle effect, Salt Lake City, Utah is home for us… ”us” including daughters Amanda, Lorinda, Sarah, Naomi and Becca.  Yes, you read correctly; a family of five girls!


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

  • Draw up knees and fold over into Child’s Pose for a few minutes.
  • Proceed to kitchen. Fill the kettle. Drink a mug of hot water, splash of lemon juice.
  • Practice ABHYANGA, an Ayurvedic technique of self-massage/stretch with warm Coconut Oil.
  • Greet my sleepy girls and give kisses to my sweet partner Shad (this last part’s my favorite).


What first drew you to MegaFood?

As I approached 40, I became more serious about natural health and nutrition, and while discovering several products on the market, it wasn’t until I had a conversation with a MegaFood Regional Rep, Laura Theobold, that I started understanding the importance of gathering nutrients and creating supplements from actual foods, rather than simply from isolated, synthetic materials. Later while working at Dave’s Health in Salt Lake, of all the supplement companies that were represented, I loved the story of MegaFood the best, by using the slo-food method, the company’s long-standing integrity, and of course, that their products really do benefit people’s health!


Most important quality in a friend?

Being sincere, compassionate, fun-loving, and best yet, someone who can render me useless with laughter!


Where would you go in a time machine?

To the future, sure, why not?? Can I bring some recording equipment? While visiting, I would wish more than anything that the world will make some major environmental improvements to reverse our collective, ginormous carbon footprint. I’m thinking wind-powered and solarized everything, fast and eco-efficient transportation systems and positive, sustainable agriculture developments. Wouldn’t be something to witness expansive urban, community-supported food forests, allowing residents to eat organically and locally!?


Favorite MegaFood product:

Although I am a big fan of Blood Builder, at present, it’s Turmeric Strength;  Working in a large garden, a pilates studio, as well as being very active in the kitchen, my hands and joints are occasionally stiff and sore! In the past, I would grab an OTC pain reliever; however, after realizing the not so happy side-effects from continual use of those particular anti-inflammatories, I wanted to incorporate more turmeric into my diet. When I was working at Dave’s Health in Utah, MegaFood’s Regional Rep, Laura, came in along with the CEO, Robert - how neat is that! They explained to me that their research resulted in the use of a standardized extract of turmeric (circumin) because it worked better, and combined it with the berries, cherries and black pepper (also Ayruvedic) for a synergistic effect.  Laura demonstrated that you can just chew up one of these tablets in your mouth; and I did. It was  a little sweet from the fruit, and surprisingly palatable. I love Turmeric Strength because since taking regularly, have noticed a marked improvement in my physical downtime, as well as not even thinking of reaching for a conventional pain reliever, yay!


Favorite Smoothie Recipe (if you have one)?

Mango Basil Smoothie.  Fresh chunks of mango… fresh basil…  protein powder of choice… blend with lots of ice!


MegaFood is all about the REAL. What does “Real” mean to you, and what makes you Real?

Good question! And I do believe I will continually be searching for and changing my mind on the answer. From my youth, I thought of the world in an idealistic way, and was super hard and critical on myself (school, spirituality, relationships, appearance...). Without pointing fingers, and for whatever reason, I felt I was not always worthy of love or loveable. Because of that false belief, I lived and worked very hard to please others. As a consequence, I did not always speak my truth or live authentically, out of fear of rejection or failure mostly.

A few years back, I made some radical changes in my life (a divorce, becoming a vegetarian, downsizing…). Because I became a little tougher, I am not as afraid to fail anymore. Now I kinda define being real as being brave enough to ask the tough questions, challenging myself to keep learning, to be curious, to be flexible and open to hear another point of view. I love and really live a beautiful life, even if circumstances are good or not so good because I am living it as my heart and mind direct me. It’s not so much about being right; it’s about seeking out to help others.

Many thanks MegaFood for being so real, and for allowing me to share my “real” with you!