Who's Behind Your Tablet? | Employee Spotlight with Steve W.

Name: Steve Wood

Job Title: In-Store Demo Leader

Years with MegaFood: 2.5 years


Describe the journey that brought you to MegaFood.

I managed a health food store in VA in the early 2000’s. The one and only Queen Ann (who is still a MegaFood rep today!) was my rep. She came into the store and provided a number of trainings. She really built my love for the brand. Around that time I was also in school for massage therapy. I got into massage and it was super fun. That grew into becoming a Qigong instructor, teaching meditation and breath work, and that kind of thing, all over the country. I left the health food store, saying I would never work for anyone again- unless it was MegaFood. After 7 years of being a professional vagabond and hippy, I was ready for what was next. That was when I found the product specialist position for south Florida. I checked the MegaFood website about a year or so, and that position it was like it just appeared.

Favorite T-Shirt?

Oh my god, that’s SO hard. I have a bunch of awesome t-shirts. The first one that springs to mind says “What would Tesla Do?” I have another one that just says “Abide” (That’s a Big Lebowski reference.) The newest nerd shirt has Beakers plus Lighting = The Flash.

How many places have you lived, and which was your favorite?

I’ve kinda lived all over the place. At a certain point it made more sense to have all of my belongings in a car than it did to pay rent for a place I was never at. I did that for awhile, so I lived all over the place. One of my favorite places was New Mexico. And now that I’ve settled down in South Florida, I love my house because I can grow all kinds of tropical fruit.

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

That’s really hard to quantify. But, I want to say: Living life by my rules. I was never one for convention, or being put into a box. I remember a number of years ago, I was walking with my mom on the beach; we were on vacation. This was at the time when I was into the Qi Gong and meditation, and all that stuff. She looked at me and said “Stephen, I don’t know what it is that you do, but I don’t have to give you money, so I’m proud of you.”

If you were stranded on an island with only one food to sustain you, what would it be?

My first answer would be coconut, because it’s so versatile. But if it didn’t have to GROW on the island, and just materialized in front of me? There’s so much food, how do I choose just one; I love food!  I gotta say jackfruit. You can make a lot of stuff with it. I’m kind of obsessed with Jackfruit.

….And if nutritional value wasn’t a factor, what would it be then?

Beer. A good porter is like bread in a bottle. Very sustaining. Or a dopplebock. So nutritionally dense, German Monks could fast on it.

If we put your ipod on shuffle, name three artists we’d be likely to hear?

The only stuff on my ipod right now is bunch of music from Cake, all the Harry Potter books, and every episode of my podcast.

What do you take for MegaFood products?

In the morning, I take Adult B-Centered, and Dream Release.

Would you consider any of them life-changing?

The turmeric has had the largest impact on me. My thumbs were really wonky from being a massage therapist, so it’s offered powerful support there. With the Adult B-Centered, I’m just more focused and productive throughout my day.* I was taking Balanced B Complex, but I must be one of those non-methylating people. It was good and I felt good, but then I switched to the Adult B-Centered and it was like [INSERT EXPLOSION SOUND]. So much difference.

MegaFood is all about the REAL. What does “Real” mean to you? What makes you Real?

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