Who's Behind Your Tablet? | Employee Spotlight with Steve H.

Who's Behind Your Tablet? | Employee Spotlight with Steve H.

Name: Steve Hebert

Job Title: Digital Experience Specialist

Date you began working with MegaFood: May, 2016


Describe the journey that brought you to MegaFood:

I’d met Sarah, the Marketing and Communications Manager [for MegaFood] a few years back, and since that point we’d remained connected on LinkedIn. As a photographer and videographer myself, I noticed that the company was consistently awesome at getting a message out across whatever platform and whatever media they were using, so I kept MegaFood on my radar, and closely followed Sarah’s updates. One day a post popped up that she was looking for a Digital Specialist for the Marketing Dept. I thought, “Whoa, this is perfect.” I said, “This is it, I’ve got to do it.” Call it fate- the universe pointed me right where I needed to be. I’m a few months in, and it's absolutely the best decision I’ve made professionally. I couldn't be happier. The journey continues to be awesome, and challenging, and real.


What’s the first thought you had when you woke up today?

I feel like most mornings I wake up and say “Is it Saturday?” and question whether or not I can get a little more sleep. Then once the fog of sleep clears, the second thought is regarding if my two year old is up or not, so I can time my shower properly. Maybe not the most profound answer, but it’s a practical thought at least.


MegaFood products: Do you take any?

When I first got here part of my welcome kit was the Baby and Me as well as the probiotic that we make for new moms… so you could say we’re a complete family of MegaFoodies now.


What characteristics do you admire in yourself? In others?

I’m a patient person- maybe to a fault.  On some projects, I may take too long because I am so patient, but I’ve found that I get more accomplished through that patience and understanding. I get that from my mother; my father certainly isn’t a patient guy. ...It’s okay, you can put that in; my Dad knows that my mother balances him out and it works great. Humility is another characteristic that I identify with. I find it easy to get along with others as I’m always willing to listen, to take on a concept and process it before making any decisions. I appreciate others who do the same. Honesty and integrity are other qualities I seek out both in colleagues and in friends.


Favorite restaurant and why?

As I seem to mention all the time, we just had our second little girl- she’s only a couple months old, and the “older” one is two. So, we don't go out to eat much anymore. I think my favorite restaurant is any restaurant where we can sit down and I don't have enough food thrown at me. ...But I do have a weak spot for good Mexican food.


What is something no one here knows about you (guilty pleasure, odd talent, strange fascination)?

Well, I can’t pull the curtain back too far, I have to keep people guessing and wanting to know more… but since I was young, I’ve been been a drummer. But, not your typical “playing in a band” drummer- but the kind that plays with bagpipe bands. So, hanging out with older guys in kilts and going to parades, singing old irish tunes… that is something I thought every teen in their spare time. Not the case. So, I play what’s called the side drum. If you ever sitting next to me and I’m tapping away, that’s what’s up. My mother’s college degree was music education so I was brought up in a house where everyone learned an instrument. I always wanted to be a drummer, but she wouldn’t let that fly until I learned to read music. 3rd grade, Mrs. Beliveau’s house, learning the piano - oh, man. It wasn’t my thing, but now I’m thankful for it.

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