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60 Ways to Have a Well-Inspired Winter

Winter is here! Regardless if you’re anticipating a whiteout, a dusting, or just a little less daylight, a change in season means a change for us all. Winter can be a welcome transition for some, and a tough one for others. But no matter what your preference, or geographical location, a seasonal shift is an opportunity to embrace the special things this time of year has to offer.

We’ve pulled together a list of winter experiences, activities, foods and projects that inspire wellness. How many have you already done? Any that you’ve yet to try? We hope you enjoy this wintery list of must-dos for these cooler months ahead of us. (For asterisked items, be sure to see the links noted below.)

Winter-Bucket-List_2_576 (2)

*6- Get MegaFoodie Maryjane’s golden milk recipe.

*8- Natural garland instructions

*20- Fairy garden ideas

*27- Make suncatchers out of ice (*These are SO COOL!*)

*33- Natural, homemade hot cocoa

*35- Order an edible mushroom kit here or here.

*39- Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 breath.

*40- Dr. Low Dog's Calendula Sunflower Seed Oil Recipe.

*43- Etsy: Go here for ALL handmade and/or vintage shopping.

*50- A super collection of mocktail recipes (spirits optional!)

*60- Need a new supplement? View all megafood products.