52 Ways to Have a Sensational Summer.

The tiny green buds of spring are now mature, strong, broad leaves. Days are long, blue skies abound, and we're basking in the warmth of the sun (or perhaps finding refuge in the shade of a tree)! The beaches and mountains are peaking with visitors, and everything moves a little bit slower. Summer is here! 

To get you revved up over summer, we're inspiring you with a variety of activities, ideal for these not-so-"lazy days."  Yes, of course it's a great time to take it easy... but don't forget to take it in, too! *For items with a sunshine-y symbol, be sure to see the links noted below!

Summer Bucket List

Links for all the Summery How-To's & To-Do's!

4. Try Shinrin-Yoku

7. Infuse your Water

12. Grow food!

16. Make a dreamcatcher

22. Cook with garlic scapes

28. Make your own salad dressing

33. Bathe in seaweed!

37. Tie-dye an old t-shirt

42. Drink a seasonal smoothie

45. Make your own sorbet

52. Take Your MegaFood Multivitamins!

Don't forget to comment below and tell us which list items you've completed so far. :) XO!