4 Spring Routines to Start TODAY.

Green grass and flowers a-bloom; It’s official, spring has finally arrived in full force! Each morning the sun rises and the birdsong ensues just a little bit earlier than the last.

There are signs all around us that nature knows exactly what to do in the spring, so what should we be doing to support ourselves in this season? Try the 4 UPs. These daily spring routines are simple enough that you can implement right this very minute!


Organic Green Lacinato Kale Ready to Eat

Spring is the ideal time to add more greens to your diet. Look for new spring spinach greens at your local farmer’s market or stock up at the store on kale and chard. Not sure what to do with your greens? Try making a green smoothie. This is one of my favorites! 


White roses in green vase on white tablecloth against white bric

Spring cleaning is a reflection of our natural desire to declutter and clear out the accumulated heaviness (think dust and dirt) of the winter. It’s also an excellent time to clean up our diets and optimize digestion. Consider adding a probiotic to your supplement routine to support digestive health, immune health, and bowel regularity.* Check out this blog post to help you decide which probiotic is best for you!.*


Glass of water with lemon isolated on white background

The spring months are historically a popular time to cleanse and detoxify. Not sure where to start? The simple act of hydrating with water can assist your body with naturally moving out toxins. Begin by simply adding 1-2 more glasses of water each day to what you’re currently drinking. Keeping a water bottle handy at your desk or in your car helps make it easy to institute this healthy habit.

4 - RISE UP!

Green plant against window with beautiful sunshineThe days are getting longer as we approach the summer solstice. We certainly benefit from sleeping more during the winter months, and can now start rising earlier with the warming, rising sun. Consider waking up 15-30 minutes earlier and use this time for a brisk spring walk or simply to prepare yourself a nourishing breakfast. Enjoy the extra sunlight before your busy day gets going. Rising earlier in the morning also makes it easier to have a restful sleep in the evening.

Start Today!

These spring rituals will help you feel your best during this transition season, and prepare you for the busy summer months ahead.  Go ahead and give the 4 Up's a try... starting now! 

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.