Making MegaFriends At the MegaFood Factory This Summer

Making MegaFriends At the MegaFood Factory This Summer

I have always wanted to visit New Hampshire, but never had the chance to go, that is until this summer! Last May, I was chosen among many health and wellness bloggers to be one of the MegaFood MegaBloggers“Brand Ambassador”. I was completely stoked about this opportunity to learn even more about health and wellness and to dig deeper into a product that I was completely excited to know more about.


My very first business trip

Excited to see the Eastern seaboard and make new like-minded friends, I boarded my plane in Dallas, TX and headed towards New Hampshire. As we flew over the East coast, I marveled at all the greenery and trees everywhere. I was immediately in love with New Hampshire. The people were friendly, the weather was cool (to a Texan lol), and I was on my very first “business trip,” things couldn’t be better! After getting to my hotel room and taking a shower, I headed downstairs to meet up with the rest of the MegaFood MegaBloggers team, we were scheduled to meet up with our MegaFood friends at their offices. I couldn’t have been more blown away by how fun and inviting their offices were. When we first walked in the front door, we were all oohing and ahhing over just how nice their offices are! I seriously have some redecorating to do in my home office so that I can have an office near as cool as theirs!


Making Smoothies the old fashioned way?

If the ancients had known about the smoothie bike, I think that they would have had smoothies all the time too! Our first meeting including making a bunch of smoothies on their totally awesome smoothies bike in their office kitchen! Since I can’t feel my feet and can’t ride a bike, I managed to catch Amanda Paa from Heartbeet Kitchen blending up our smoothies for us! During smoothie class, we learned how to mix in the MegaFood Nutrient Booster Powders into our smoothies as well as the most interesting facts about pineapple! Did you know that most of the nutrients in a pineapple are in the head of the pineapple, the part that we usually just throw away when processing them? Apparently, you can strip away the leaves, leaving you with a fibrous part root-like plant material that can be blended up in your smoothie! My mind was officially blown!

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Dinner with the ladies


After our smoothie sesh, we all got to go back to the hotel and relax for a little bit before we headed out to dinner. The MegaFood peeps were so accommodating that they took us to this posh little local restaurant that served sushi, all sorts of amazing vegan dishes, and herbal infused cocktails! I had the BEST time chatting with all the ladies about their lives, loves, and of course food habits. We had so much fun making friends, I was almost sad to go back to my hotel for the night, but I was exhausted and we had our tour of the factory in the morning after breakfast! I couldn’t wait to see what neat things they had in store for us tomorrow. I fell asleep that night watching shark week on my hotel room TV and awoke the next morning confused by what time it actually was.


Testing EVERYTHING is the key to product purity

I love touring factories, learning about all the amazing ways that companies come up with to create and distribute their product. During the very first stage of our factory tour we got to go through the lab where the MegaFood chemists are hard at work testing each and every fruit, veggie, and herb that comes into their facilities. They are so strict about their testing that they’ll refuse entire deliveries of whole foods if anything tests out of the ordinary. Products are also sent out to be tested for pesticides and toxic chemicals, and if results aren’t 100% pure? They won’t hit the shelf. In house, MegaFood tests for soy, dairy, and gluten to uphold their promise of all products being completely free of such things. I loved looking at all the lab equipment! I wish that I could have had the time to help perform a test (y’all know how much I love science experiments)!


fresh veggies
Fresh fruits and veggies are ground up and dried REALLY slowly

After leaving the lab, we walked through the doors into the actual factory, where we were hit with a blast of very warm air. We got to see the real fruits and veggies that are ground up whole in a large grinder, turned into a puree, and then dried on their extremely slowly and gently with their refractive window dehydrator. The entire “Slo-Food Process” can take anywhere from 1-2 days to complete one batch of fruits or veggies. While many companies are trying to speed up their production lines, MegaFood takes a different approach. By taking their time and slowly drying each batch, they are able to keep all of the good-for-you nutrients in those fruits and veggies because they aren’t killing them off with heat and speed! That means that there’s more of the good stuff and less fillers!

Vit C pureevit c puree 3

Drying Uncle Matt’s whole organic oranges to make vitamin C

I’ve learned so many things on this trip, but it was the simple things that I learned that really solidified my belief in whole foods nutrition. One of the greatest things I learned was that oranges don’t just contain ascorbic acid, they contain a large plethora of other chemical constituents that make up the orange. I loved that they pointed this out to us. Many grocery store forms of vitamin C just contain ascorbic acid that has been artificially created in a lab. By taking just the ascorbic acid, you are missing out on all the rest of the awesome stuff that the orange has to offer! We got really lucky on our tour because they had their Uncle Matt’s Organic oranges on their dryer, so we got to see them going through the drying process and even got to try the dried flakes of bitter whole oranges, at the end of the dryer! I thought it tasted delicious, but it definitely makes your face pucker up!


One extra tablet for each jar

After touring the facilities where they process the fruits and veggies, we got to go down the street to their warehouse where all the tablets are made, bottled, and packed up to be shipped out to you! Abby took us around their warehouse explaining how each bottle contains an extra tablet, just in case something happens. They want to make sure you still have the right amount of tablets in your bottle so they give you one extra to make sure you get what you paid for!

changing lives (1)

Improving lives to change the world

Near the very end of our tour, we walked by this huge sign that MegaFood put up in their warehouse to keep track of how many lives they have improved since they started their company back in 1973. These folks don’t track their dollars earned, rather they track how many people they have helped to improve their lives. Not many companies care more about changing the world than earning the dollar. I was highly impressed by how much love, support, and education we received from this MegaFood tour. I have never been treated so well by any other brand out there. As I left for the airport to head back home to my hubby, kiddo, and furry family members, I was definitely sad to leave my new friends and the beautiful East Coast. I will be back!

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