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Has Something Changed?

Sometimes, change can be frustrating. Say you’ve been taking the same multivitamin for years and years and suddenly notice a bunch of changes on the label - why would they switch it up all of a sudden? Is this even the same product you’ve come to rely on over the years? Questions like this are important to ask when it comes to a product that supports your health.

Why bring this up at all? Well, you’re about to see some big label changes for MegaFood, and we thought it may be helpful to get ahead of those questions, and help you understand the changes you’ll be seeing on our labels over the next several months. Don’t worry - it’s not as scary as it sounds!

All good stories start from the beginning, so let’s begin by understanding why MegaFood is making any changes to our labels at all.

The Backstory...

The Food and Drug Administration oversees (as their name implies) food and pharmaceuticals sold in this country. Dietary Supplements fall under the umbrella of food, and as a result, are impacted by the FDA’s new regulations for the labeling of foods and dietary supplements, which takes current science and research into account. This is good news, as it makes the most significant change to both food and supplement labels in over 20 years! The end goal is to make it easier than ever for a consumer to know exactly what they are getting in their food and supplements.

Some of the changes the FDA made included:

  • New Units of Measure for select nutrients
  • Revised Daily Values for most nutrients
  • New nutrients being assigned a Daily Value

Check out the handy chart below for a quick summary of the FDA’s updates:

Chart of FDA Label Changes 2018

Label Conversion

The Lowdown on the DV

Because there have been changes to the Daily Values assigned to nutrients, it may appear that your favorite MegaFood product is providing more or less of an ingredient than it had before. This is because of the change to the Daily Value, and not due to any change of the product at this time. Make sense?

Since all of our labels needed to be worked on for this update, we opted to make a few additional tweaks that further help clarify our products, and make your job as supplement-user easy-as-pie.

The One Word Difference

The most notable of these changes was the shift from delivering nutrients “in food” to delivering nutrients “with food.” How much difference can one word make? Well, when it comes to clarity, it turns out it can make quite a bit of difference! MegaFood is all about delivering farm-fresh foods in all of our products, but it takes more than a handful of fruits and veggies to make a tablet (check out our process video here to learn more about this process!). Understanding your supplements shouldn’t be tricky, and we hope this clears things up a bit. MegaFood products deliver nutrients with whole foods, which deliver the full range of phytonutrients (and more!) naturally found in each ingredient—all crafted on site at our headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, using the most stringent of ISO and regulatory standards to deliver the purest, highest quality products available.

A Visual Comparison

So what’s the new label going to look like? Glad you asked! Check out a comparison below so you know what to expect.

Chart of MegaFood Label Changes 2018

We’ve been working on these labels all year, and some of them are already out in the world, so you may have encountered them already (where are our Turmeric Strength users at?!). The remainder will be rolling out over the first few months of 2018. In the meantime, learn more at megafood.com/labels, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by reaching out on social media, or giving our team a call at 800-848-2542.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.