How to Select the Prenatal Vitamin That’s Right for You

How to Select the Prenatal Vitamin That’s Right for You

| Erin Stokes, N.D. | April 12, 2016 |

Introducing our newest addition to the family: Baby & Me 2

When you find out you’re pregnant, there are naturally a lot of questions that arise. One of the biggest questions is, “What foods should I eat?”

Another big question is, “What is the best prenatal multivitamin for me?

The quest for answers to each of these questions is motivated by the desire to provide optimal support and nourishment for the health and wellness of your baby – the next generation.

Our newest addition to the family, Baby & Me 2™ is now in MegaFood’s prenatal multivitamin offerings.

What makes Baby & Me 2 special?

Often when you’re pregnant, it’s a challenge to even take your prenatal multivitamin regularly! You may be feeling nauseous and tired, with a list of things left undone. The good news here is that Baby and Me 2 is only a 2 tablet per day formula, as compared with our beloved original Baby and Me, which remains at 4 tablets per day. Part of the reason to stay at 4 tablets per day in our “original”, is to be able to include our Nurturing Prenatal Blend, which delivers herbs to support strength, balance and healthy mood of a woman during pregnancy.* Baby & Me 2 is an herb-free option, for those who either prefer, or have been advised by their trusted healthcare practitioner, not to take herbs during pregnancy.

Baby and Me 2

Baby & Me 2 is Doctor formulated, by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., an internationally recognized expert in the fields of integrative medicine, dietary supplements and women’s health. Baby & Me 2 contains Choline, a nutrient that is rarely found in prenatal formulas, yet is vitally important. Why? Choline supports the healthy development of the baby, and is needed for optimal health of both the nervous and endocrine system.* Recent population studies have shown that common diets may be low or deficient in choline.*

Baby & Me 2 also contains 600 mcg of folate to support the healthy development of the child. * This 600 mcg amount supplements the 200 mcg of folate that can be easily obtained from the diet. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, are an excellent dietary source of folate. The folate in Baby & Me 2 is delivered in the methylated form which is more readily utilized by many women.*

MegaFood’s fantastic farm partner for both Baby & Me™, as well as Baby & Me 2, is Lundberg Family Farms. Like MegaFood, Lundberg is focused on the health and wellness of the next generation, and has been for almost 80 years. This farm has deep roots. Back in 1937, Albert & Frances Lundberg moved from Nebraska to California, and began farming with the intention of leaving the land better than they found it. Their four sons followed in their footsteps, learning the importance of sustaining and respecting the earth. Today, Lundberg Family Farms is run by 3rd and 4th generation farmers – a true family legacy! MegaFood partnered with Lundberg to deliver both FoodState Vitamin E and Biotin in wholesome organic brown rice.

You put family first, and so do we. MegaFood’s Baby & Me Pre and Post Natal Multivitamins are now available in a new version: Baby & Me 2! The “2” also stands for two tablets, which is a smaller serving size than the original formulation. Baby & Me 2 is Doctor-Formulated by Tieraona Low Dog, MD. It’s herb, dairy, soy and gluten free, is suitable for a vegetarian diet, and is gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach at any time of day

As is always true with MegaFood Multivitamins, both Baby & Me formulas can be taken any time of day, even on an empty stomach, without upset.* This is great news for pregnant mommas to be, as they may be struggling with feeling queasy or dealing with digestive changes. In addition, these prenatal multivitamins are tested to be free of the common allergens -dairy, gluten and soy.

Pregnant women have an opportunity to take a prenatal multivitamin that contains real food from trusted farm partners. In fact, I trust these formula so completely that I have given it directly to expectant mommas that I cherish in my life. Be sure to check in with your own trusted healthcare practitioner to see if one of MegaFood’s formulas is the right supplement for you.


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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.