MegaFood | January 2020

Ever notice how most of the foods that children are drawn to are sweet?

While this may seem like a byproduct of our processed-food age, it is actually biological. Sweet foods are associated with higher calories and energy (such as breast milk and fruits), both of which are important for growing bodies, especially in the first few years of development!

In nature, bitter foods are often associated with toxins and poisons, suggesting that our sweet-tooth can be considered a survival mechanism that harkens all the way back to our hunter-gatherer days. Yet in the modern age, our current food system offers plentiful fruits and vegetables which we can consume with confidence. And when you consider we can store and preserve food -including nutritionless processed foods- this draw toward sweets is no longer entirely necessary. Still, the predilection for sweet foods remains, and it sure can make for picky eaters!

Many parents choose to supplement their children’s diets with a multivitamin to help fill nutritional gaps that might be caused by picky eating. With so many choices on the market, “What should I look for in a children’s multivitamin?” isn’t just a common question, it’s a valid one!

Here are three things to consider as you navigate the supplement aisle:

  1. Purity: What we give our children matters. If you’re looking to avoid ingredients such as GMOs or herbicides and pesticides, be sure to check the label or call your multi-maker to verify their purity. Look for multis that proudly claim what they do, and more importantly, DON’T contain. To make it easy for you, MegaFood tests all products for over 125 different herbicides and pesticides, including glyphosate. Our products are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, and vegetarian. Look for our non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and organic seals as well! We showcase all our quality seals, to put purity front and center, literally on our packaging and on our website!
  2. Essentials: Another key aspect to consider is the number of nutrients that the product is providing. Is it delivering enough of the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs? All of our labels have been updated to reflect the latest Supplement Facts information required by the FDA.
  3. Convenience: The best multivitamin for your child is the one they take regularly. To cover all the bases, we offer a variety of formats - from tablets to powders to chews - to help you find the right fit for your kiddos.

Minding the Gap

As a parent, it can be challenging to strike a healthy balance between providing your child what they believe they want as opposed to what they may truly need. A daily multivitamin, such as Kids One Daily, is a great way to afford against gaps in the diet for picky and adventurous eaters alike. This mini-tablet style multivitamin is free of sugar, flavoring, dye, and preservatives and helps support optimal nutrition in children ages five and up.


Tablets a no-go? We offer our Kid’s One Daily in a powdered format as well - Kids Daily Multi Nutrient Booster Powder. One scoop of this formula will provide your child with the nutrition they need without having to swallow a pill. Toss a scoop into their favorite smoothie, applesauce, or no-bake bars, and you’re done!


Too picky for the powder? Lean into their affinity for sweets! We’ve got one more multivitamin trick (well, actually, treat!) up our sleeve with our Kids One Daily Multivitamin Soft Chews. One DELICIOUS grape-flavored chew delivers essential vitamins and minerals with two grams of sugar, and the grab-and-go bag it comes in makes remembering their multi a breeze. Toss a chew in their school lunch and feel good knowing they got a treat with a secret, nutritious trick up its sleeve!


Jealous of all the fun kids get to have taking their multivitamin? Well, parents, we thought of you too! We have specific options by age, gender and form for adults as well! Check them out.

Want to learn more about our unique process that includes real food and added nutrients for optimal potency? Learn more about our process.