Vitamin D: The Sunshine Connection

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Connection

| Abigail McShinksy | September 26, 2016 |

The shorter days of the autumn and winter months, combined with the cooler temperatures (depending on where you live!) and the propensity to stay inside, means we experience fewer and fewer hours of sunlight exposure. How is this important to your health, you may be wondering?

Shining a Light on D3

Aside from the role sunlight and spending time outdoors plays in our well-being (1), sunlight is critical for the formation of a specific vitamin that is difficult to get nearly anywhere else - Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is created when our skin is exposed to sunlight, and a chemical reaction takes place resulting in increased levels of this fat-soluble nutrient. Layered clothing, daily use of sunscreens, and increased time spent indoors all contribute to falling numbers of this vitamin throughout the US. In fact, 66 million Americans suffer from a Vitamin D3 insufficiency, which equates to one in five people (2)! This is especially noticeable in higher latitudes, where days tend to be even shorter, and winters even colder.

Vitamin D3 is responsible for many vital processes in the body, including the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, the absorption of calcium and other minerals, the overall function of our cells, and much more*!  Another area where Vitamin D3 shines is promoting the healthy functioning of our immune system*.  Vitamin D is thought to increase our resistance to infections (3), so having optimal levels become especially important during the winter season, which unfortunately tends to coordinate with increased time spent indoors. *:(

Gotta Catch it All!

Vitamin D3 2000IU 30So how can you ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D3? First, work with your healthcare practitioner to test your D3 levels to see where they are at!  According to Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, those with light skin may need as little as 10 minutes three or four times a week, whereas those with darker complexions may need one to two hours (4).  In addition to spending extra time outdoors (Pokemon, anyone?), consider supplementing with quality vitamin D3 as needed. Taking a foundational multivitamin that contains it is an important first step, however those that require increased supplementation should consider an add-on formula to ensure they are getting enough.

MegaFood offers Vitamin D3 in two different potencies - 1000IU and 2000IU - so that you can pick the amount of supplementation that is right for you! We all have different needs, so be sure to work with your healthcare practitioner to determine yours. IF you find you’re in need of additional support, MegaFood has your back!


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