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Foxy Organic

When it Comes to Growing Greens, Foxy Organic KALES it.

With farming experience dating back to the 1930’s, we immediately saw the Nunes family was a dedicated one. Their love and passion for growing produce spans FOUR well as 25,000 plus acres!  Chances are, you’ve come across the Nunes’ fruits and vegetables at your favorite grocer under the Foxy and Foxy Organic brand labels. Tom Nunes started the family’s first little farm in the heart of California’s Salinas Valley, growing sugar beets on a small plot of land. As the practices of farming evolved, so did the family. It was second-generation brothers Bob and Tom Nunes II that got involved with lettuce crops, establishing The Nunes Company, Inc. in 1976. In other words, Foxy was officially born!  

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Salinas Valley’s climate and natural underground aquifer make it an ideal place to farm, with rich soil and plentiful water. To optimize the quality, consistency, and value of its produce, Foxy ALSO has farmland in Nevada and Arizona!  Kale, for example, calls Salinas home in the summer, yet in winter, it adores that arid desert air. Foxy knows how to keep those kale plants happy, growing upwards of 6 million POUNDS of leafy, green goodness each year!

Foxy Organic

The Nunes family

“It makes for a wonderful place to raise a family. The Salinas Valley is rich not only in soil, but in people.” - Tom Nunes, Fourth Generation Farmer

Today, it’s the third and fourth generation Nunes family members that carry on the legacy, honoring that ever-strong commitment to the family business through best-practice traditions, state-of the art growing innovations, and land stewardship of the highest degree. At MegaFood, we’re committed to ensuring that every last leaf delivered from Foxy is handled with the same hands-on care it received at the start. Fresh from Farm to Tablet, Foxy Organic kale retains its quality and goodness, from the moment it sprouts, straight into the bottle.

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