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Three Lakes Community Funds - Three Lakes, WI  (James Lake Farms)

To identify and fund projects and causes that will make Three Lakes an even better community than it already is. This is the mission of Three Lakes Community Funds, a recently-formed organization that will offer grants and funding to philanthropic projects within the town of Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Through two separate funds, the organization's board of directors aim to collaborate with donors to delegate contributions towards valuable, imaginative projects that will bring long-term value to the local community. Three Lakes Community Funds centers its values around Unifying the Community, Encouraging Community Involvement, Making Research Based Decisions  and Transparency. MegaFood supports community funding projects, and is proud to support this new initiative in Three Lakes. A portion of the profit from the following products (that just so happen to contain Wisconsin Cranberries!) will be donated to benefit this program: Pure Cranberry MegaFlora for Women For more information or to make a donation, visit 3lakesfunds.org.