New labels. Same commitment to keeping it real.

Something’s (kinda) different around here. (We’re glad you noticed!)

It’s our labels! They’re getting a makeover. We’re excited to share some changes you’ll probably notice over the coming months: adjustments to comply with new FDA regulations (more about those below!), and more Big T transparency about our ingredients and processes to keep you in the know.

But we want to be sure you are aware that, we’re still the same MegaFood that you know and love (humble bow). We’re just taking things to the next level of keeping it real—super, mega real — with some of our favorite people. (You!)


There are new labels on the way—got it. What should I look for?

Well, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that the label itself looks different. Here’s an example of an old label next to our new one:

FDA label change

How will my MegaFood product(s) be affected?

It depends. Since the DV (Daily Value) of some nutrients will change, some of our formulations will be adjusted too. In some cases, the formulations will stay the same. Either way—you will see all changes, if applicable, directly on the label, and our customer experience team will be at the ready for any questions you might have. Call us! Send us an email! Heck, even mail us a letter. We’d love to hear from you.

More new stuff!

If you take a closer look, you’ll also spot revised units of measurement and changes to DV (Daily Value) percentages for certain nutrients.

Folic Acid: mcg DFE (Microgram Dietary Folate Equivalents) will replace mcg (Microgram) Vitamin E: mg (Milligram) will replace IU (International Units)
Niacin: mcg NE (Microgram Niacin Equivalents) will replace mcg (Microgram) Choline now has a suggested DV (Daily Value) percentage of 550 mg (Milligrams)
Vitamin A: mcg RAE (Microgram Retinol Activity Equivalents) will replace IU (International Units)
Vitamin K1 will now have a suggested DV (Daily Value) percentage, but not Vitamin K2
Vitamin D: mcg (Microgram) will replace IU (International Units) • Most nutrients will see an increase or decrease in suggested DV (Daily Value) percentages

Your labels explain how much of each nutrient are in each serving. But what’s a FoodState Nutrient, exactly?

Think of our FoodState Nutrients as handy helpers to the farm fresh ingredients that go into every MegaFood bottle: each vitamin or mineral is paired with an ideal whole food using our unique process to deliver guaranteed potency, and the benefit of health-promoting compounds present with the whole foods themselves. See how they’re made!

What’s the difference between ‘with’ food and ‘in’ food?

Thanks for noticing! First, we’ll tell you: there have been NO changes to how we make our products and deliver our nutrients. (Like, nada. Niente. Non.) This word change is a matter of creating clarity (and who doesn’t want more of that?). MegaFood is all about delivering farm-fresh foods in all of our products, but it takes more than a handful of fruits and veggies to make a tablet (see above for our FoodState Nutrients process!). Understanding your supplements shouldn’t be tricky, and we hope this clears things up a bit. MegaFood products deliver nutrients with whole foods, which deliver the full range of phytonutrients (and more!) naturally found in each ingredient—all crafted on site at our headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, using the most stringent of ISO and regulatory standards to deliver the purest, highest quality products available. (Phew!)

What prompted the FDA to make the changes?

The label standard you’re used to seeing (for all supplements and food products, not just MegaFood) is over 20 years old. Since then, a lot has changed (think of how much your life has changed in twenty years!)—including scientific data, new nutrition, and public health research—and so the FDA wants to make sure you have access to the most current information possible.

When will I first see label changes?

Some new labels have already hit shelves (starting in fall 2017); the rest will roll out through summer 2018.

How can I learn more about these FDA changes?

Glad you asked! The FDA has a dedicated website with more information, including data and fact sheets, that you can access here. We also encourage you to check out our Resource section, which provides more behind-the-scenes info on what we’re doing at MegaFood HQ, and our Store Locator, so you can scope out the new labels yourself. We also encourage you to check out the resources below, which provide more info on what we’re doing, or visit our Store Locator, so you can scope out the new labels yourself.