National Young Farmers Coalition
(Lundberg Family Farms)


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In late 2009, a group of young individuals had a fateful conversation surrounding the challenges surrounding their similar dreams to establish a working farm. To enter such a career demands access to affordable farmland, along with the ability to secure loans. With student debt a common factor, the deck is seemingly stacked for most aspiring young farmers who are just getting into this field.

From that pivotal conversation, these friends decided that they, and other young farmers, needed to work together. They were not alone in their thinking. Across the country, other young farmers were also coming to the same realization. Small coalitions were cropping up in several states. From this stirring movement, the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) was born, founded by and for a new generation of farmers in the United States.

This independent, non-profit organization’s mission is simple in principle:
NYFC represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success.

To achieve that mission, NYFC focuses on the support of independent family farms, sustainable farming practices, the availability of affordable farmland, fair labor practices and equal opportunities, farmer-to-farmer training, and notably, cooperation and friendship between all farmers.

We at MegaFood love our farmers, and we love the mission of the National Young Farmer’s Coalition, the organization our friends, Lundberg Family Farms, have specifically chosen to support.

A portion of the profit from the following products (that just so happen to contain Lundberg rice!) will be donated to benefit this program:

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