Meet Our Farmers. We consider them family, and we’re both out to change the world, starting with food.

Together with our farm partners, we are a force for good. From creating premium products, to committing to organic and regenerative agriculture, we are revolutionizing a broken farming system and nourishing our world from the roots. We are advocating for nutritional policy reform and working to strengthen food security, as we lobby against harmful chemicals like glyphosate.

Our Farmers

We are cultivating a community of transparent suppliers as we work to enable a thriving workforce, and we are supporting businesses, communities, and programs that share these same goals and values. We are doing everything in our power for a healthier, more sustainable future, and encouraging others to join us in doing the same.

Because if we replenish our soil with the nutrients it needs, we can replenish our bodies with the nutrients we're missing. If we source ingredients ethically, we don’t hurt the world we so desperately need to help. And if we work together, we can change our world.

Meet some of our farm partners: