Good Energy, Strong Bones Bundle

We love feeling our best and some days we need a little help. Let’s make that happen every day with our B complex and vitamin D3!*

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Bundle Includes



  • Balanced B Complex: Support your nervous system and convert food into energy with our balanced ratio of FoodState® B complex vitamins and nourishing real food like organic kale and brown rice we believe your body can recognize.*
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU: This vitamin D3 is delivered with organic, whole foods, organic brown rice, organic parsley leaf, organic broccoli, organic carrot and organic beet root that provide synergistic cofactors* to promote healthy bones, hormones and immune function for overall wellness.*

Item #WB3109


We love feeling energized and strong, but some days we need a little help. Our Good Energy, Strong Bones vitamin duo helps deliver a balanced ratio of B complex vitamins to help convert food into cellular energy and support nervous system health, plus 2000 IU of vitamin D to support healthy bones, hormones and immune function.*

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