Our gummy vitamins and supplements are made with real food plus added nutrients and are so yummy, you'll want to try them all! They are all non-GMO and glyphosate residue free, and contain no artificial color or flavors. They also have 2 grams of sugar or less per serving!
Elderberry Immune Support* Gummy
Supports immune defenses*
$28.99 $22.61
Gummy D3 (1000 IU) Wellness - Mixed Fruit
Supports bone, muscle and immune health*
$22.59 $17.62
Turmeric Inflammation Response* Gummy
Supports healthy inflammation*
$36.99 $28.85
Gummy C Defense - Tangy Citrus
Supports daily immune function*
$22.59 $17.62
Gummy B12 Energy - Cranberry
Supports cellular energy production*
$22.59 $17.62
Melatonin Berry Good Sleep™* Gummy
Supports relaxation and sleep*
$26.99 $21.05
Plant Power Gummy Bundle
When you’ve got an active lifestyle, you need the convenience of plant-powered nutrition on-the-go with our turmeric and elderberry gummies!
$65.98 $47.50
Sunshine & Energy Bundle
Real whole foods from our trusted farm partners plus added vitamins- D3 and B12- in a fun gummy way!
$45.18 $32.50
Gummy B12 Energy - Ginger
Supports cellular energy production*
$22.59 $17.62
Sunshine & Defense Bundle
A fun vitamin combo that includes your sunshine supplement D3 and your immune power vitamin C!*
$45.18 $32.50