Like our vitamins, MegaFood® mineral supplements are made with whole foods and formulated to help keep your body in balance. Each product delivers essential nutrients in potencies akin to those naturally found in whole foods, together with a synergistic array of trace minerals.
Helps maintain an already healthy cardiovascular system and good bone health*
$37.76 $33.98
Clinically proven to increase iron levels*
$17.60 - $53.60
Clinically proven to increase iron levels*
$21.56 $19.40
Helps maintain strong bones*
$14.36 - $56.66
Helps maintain bone and teeth health*
$20.84 - $26.60
Helps maintain bone and cardiovascular health*
$29.48 - $37.58
Maintains already healthy blood sugar levels*
$24.16 $21.74
Helps maintain nerve and muscle function*
$23.54 - $30.02
Supports optimal health*
$28.36 $25.52
Promotes immune health, healthy tissue development and wound recovery*
$24.16 $21.74