Our Process

Fresh from farm to tablet

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farmers overlooking their farm

Step 1 Connect

We work with like-minded farmers to souce the best foods for you and a more sustainable future. Our Farm Partners share our commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture.

turmeric farmer harvesting his crop

Step 2 Pick

We purchase hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh produce each year from our trusted partners—all held to high standards. These fruits, vegetables, and herbs are picked at the peak of ripeness, and flash-frozen for delivery to our back door in New Hampshire.

the stages of processing an orange - whole orange, orange pulp, dried and rolled

Step 3 Grind

Once the whole food arrives, we puree it and break it down to get it ready for our Slo-Food Process, where the entire food - peel and all - is put to use.

MegaFood employee in the lab adding nutrients

Step 4 Transform

Once the food is in a puree, we begin the process of nutrient integration, where a specific vitamin or mineral is added to ensure a consistent and meaningful potency in each batch, all delivered with the goodness of the fresh whole food we began with.

happy MegaFood employees in the production area

Step 5 Dry

Once the process is complete, it is time to dry our nutrients. We have invested in technology that allows us to slowly, and without the application of direct heat, dry the food with added nutrients to the precise point of dehydration, and not a bit more, meaning all that whole-food goodness is preserved!

powdered nutrients

Step 6 Tumble

Once the nutrient is dried, it's ready to be tumbled into a powder that allows us to hand weigh and measure it into a formulation.

happy MegaFood employees in the bottling area

Step 7 Press

One of the last steps is tablet pressing. We use slow and low-heat tablet presses to ensure we don't destroy any of the important nutrients we worked so hard to preserve.

row of unsealed bottles

Step 8 Seal

Finally, our MegaFood® product is carefully sealed and labeled in amber glass bottles, designed to protect the precious contents inside from heat and light.

woman holding a bottle of MegaFood Multi for Women and pouring it into her other hand

Step 9 Ensure

Throughout this process, and again after bottling, we test our products to ensure potency, purity, and so much more! We're obsessed with quality! See our Slo-Food Process.