Our Slo-food Process

The Journey of Real: How Your Vitamins Are Made


Step 1


We believe it's all about real relationships, so we take the time to cultivate them. How? By partnering with farmers who share our commitment to organic and regenerative farming.


Step 2


Real starts with real. We purchase over a half million pounds of fresh produce each year from our trusted farm partners—all held to high standards, and all delivered to our back door in New Hampshire.


Step 3


Once we get our hands on the real food, we squish, smush, and smash the entire fruit or vegetable. It's a scientific Slo-Food Process™. And what you’re left with is something that looks like Italian Ice, and tastes like the real food it is!
We use the whole fruits and vegetables so you can dominate your whole to-do list.


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Step 4


We then move this delicious pulp through a series of tanks where we integrate in more Vitamins for potency. So now, your body not only recognizes the whole foods, but it allows our super-fresh nutrients to be readily absorbed as food.


Step 5


Our gentle Refractance Window Drying™** technology carefully dries the vitamin-filled pulp to the exact point of dehydration (no more, no less). And because it doesn’t use any heat, it preserves all of the nutrients, colors, and aromas of the fresh produce.
We make it in NH so you can feel awesome wherever you are.

slofood step six

Step 6


We went through a few names for this one: Whirligig, Bear Claw... it’s a big machine that turns the paper-thin dried results into powder.


Step 7


And finally, real reaches the end of the line in our tablet presser—all in New Hampshire. Watch our live cams 24/7 →

We spend 236 hours on one batch so you spend 365 days doing whatever you darn well please.


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Step 8


We carefully count your vitamins into amber glass bottles and seal them with nourishing love.


Step 9


Our quality control department does the MegaWork so we can guarantee the highest quality, safety, and potency. And it only took 236 hours for that one quality batch!