A little bit about us at MegaFood.

We’re proud of the path we’ve walked as a company. We’ve always focused on authenticity, especially real nutrition, real commitment to the causes we believe in, and real relationships with our partners.

It started pretty simply.

MegaFood was born in New Hampshire in 1973 with an unwavering commitment to produce the highest quality supplements available. In 1989, Carl E. Jackson became owner and president. Carl was all about “doing it right,” and improving people’s lives by delivering the most authentic nourishment possible through high-quality supplements made with whole foods. Today, Robert Craven is our fearless CEO and the champion of our cause to nourish a world in nutritional crisis. You can now find our vitamins and supplements in natural, specialty and online retailers across the country.

Working with Family Farmers, Using Whole Food Ingredients,Crafting Individual Nutrients, Nourishing Body & Mind, Improving Lives

We’ve turned our heritage into a vision:

We want to create a world where everyone is truly nourished.

And here's how we're doing it.


MegaFood Keeps It Real With Fresh Food Ingredients

We source over 500,000 pounds of real, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and herbs directly from farmers every year, all to use in our supplements. Each vitamin or mineral is paired with an ideal whole food using our unique process to deliver guaranteed potency and the benefit of health-promoting compounds present in the whole food itself.


MegaFood Big T Transparency

Part of our evolution over the years included our Big T Transparency. It means we give everyone we work with, from consumers to retailers to partners, visibility into the company’s operations. We operate our own production facilities, which helps us guarantee the highest level of quality control, safety, and potency in our products. You can even view our manufacturing process on Live Cams 24/7!


MegaFood Farmers Map USA

Our network of trusted farmers, including examples such as Foxy Organic, James Lake Farms, Kauai Organic Farms, Lundberg Family Farms, and Stahlbush® Island Farms, are partners and friends. They care about the integrity and future of our food chain and practice organic and/or sustainable farming — people after our own hearts — demonstrating a shared passion.

Our points of pride (so far):


MegaFood: We use business for good and we take quality seriouslyMegaFood: We help non-profit farming organizations and advocate for regenerative agriculture


  • In March 2018, MegaFood became a Certified B Corporation by the global nonprofit, B Lab, by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.
  • MegaFood products are Non-GMO, tested for 125+ herbicides and pesticides, gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, kosher, dairy-free and soy-free. We are the first and only supplement brand to have our entire line certified Glyphosate Residue Free by The Detox Project, an independent research and certification organization dedicated to testing consumer goods and food products for toxic chemicals. (Not in our products means not in your body!) Check out the certifications on each bottle, or learn more about our seals!
  • We’ve begun development of a global verification standard for food grown in a regenerative way in partnership with The Carbon Underground and Green America. This initiative is expected to result in improved soil health, improved human health, and a reduction in the threat from climate change.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us. If there’s ever anything you want to know, check out our FAQs or just give us a shout.