MegaFood | May 2019

Another yummy recipe from a dear friend (aren’t those the best?)! Nicole Perry, owner of the Pumps & Iron blog shared this recipe in two formats: juice and smoothie! She mixes things up with our Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder™ for those looking to bounce back from a workout and sip on something super delicious.


Citrus Turmeric Juice



1. Wash and prepare the ingredients. Cut off the root ends of the carrots. Remove the orange and lemon peels (but keep as much of the white pith on there as you can--it’s nutrient-dense). I personally don’t peel the ginger root before juicing since it’s such a small amount.

2. Push everything except the turmeric through your juicer.

3. Stir in the turmeric thoroughly and enjoy!


Tropical Carrot Turmeric Smoothie



1. Wash and prepare the ingredients. If you have a heavy-duty blender, you may be able to just toss the carrots (chopped) and ginger root in as-is. If not, use a grater to shred the carrots and ginger before adding to the blender.

2. Put everything in a blender until smooth. Enjoy!

Are you Team Juice or Team Smoothie? (I’m both--depends on the ingredients!)


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