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Minisode 1: Choosing A Multivitamin – One vs Two Tablets

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Minisode 1: Choosing A Multivitamin – One vs Two Tablets

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Minisode 1: Choosing A Multivitamin – One vs Two Tablets

Once you’ve committed to a daily multivitamin routine, there are still some choices left to make. Is one tablet a day sufficient? Or should you opt for a two tablet serving? Abigail answers these questions and more when it comes to choosing the multivitamin that’s right for you.


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Announcer: [00:00] The statements in this podcast have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

[00:09] In today's Minisode, Killeen inquires why some multivitamins are available in a one‑tablet‑per‑day formulation while others have a serving size of two tablets per day. Abigail explains, comparing and contrasting these two options using MegaFood product lines as an example.

[00:25] One or two? Which is better for you? Listen to learn.

Killeen: [00:31] Hey, Abby.

Abigail: [00:31] Hey, Killeen. How are you?

Killeen: [00:33] I'm great, thanks. How are you doing?

Abigail: [00:34] I'm doing well staying dry on this rainy day, so apologize if you hear pouring in the background here.

Killeen: [00:41] Yeah, it's been super wet. I wanted to jump on the show with you and ask you to help me make a distinction. You up for that?

Abigail: [00:50] Totally. Let's do it.

Killeen: [00:52] As we've discussed, there are so many different options out there in the world of supplements. If you even narrow it down and say, OK, I need to take a multivitamin, there are still plenty of options.

[01:05] Then you might select a brand, hopefully MegaFood. Great, another choice made, but there are still more options. MegaFood, like many other brands doesn't have just one multi. They've got several.

[01:20] Today, I'd like to just touch upon the different lines of multivitamins we have, how they're different, how they're the same, and how people can understand which one is right for them.

Abigail: [01:31] I love that question, Killeen. I think it's one that a lot of our MegaFoodies ask themselves when they're in the market for the latest and greatest that's out there. Even throughout my life, I have changed camps on what sort of a multi do I want to take.

[01:47] Sea of options that are out there. If we can distill it down a little bit and make someone's job of picking a multi easier, then I'm all for it.

[01:55] I think the biggest way to differentiate between them, kind of start out, are how many tablets do you want to take a day?

Killeen: [02:04] That's exactly what I was getting at. We've got one‑a‑day formulations and then we have two‑a‑day. I feel like from having been around the block with this conversation, and with MegaFood being very promotive of our line of doctor‑formulated multivitamins which we talk about often and we love, that's two tablets right there.

[02:26] I feel like I'm taking my two‑a‑day multi to fill nutritional gaps in my diet. We could go into a whole other discussion about why those gaps exist. Today, we're just talking about the multi‑choices.

[02:40] I've picked my two‑a‑day multi because I know that I can fill those gaps and hopefully get optimal nutrition as a result. Big burning question ‑‑ if we have that doctor‑formulated, two‑a‑day, why would we have the one‑a‑day? I don't get it.

Abigail: [02:57] It is a question we get asked quite a bit. It really comes down to just having options. Like you and I talk about a lot, there's not one one‑size‑fits‑all nutrition solution for everybody. There's also going to be habitual things that aren't going to be one‑size‑fits‑all, what works into your lifestyle the best.

[03:15] For some individuals like you, like me right now, taking that two‑a‑day multi that I know is packing in a ton of nutrition, and it's super up‑to‑date and has the active forms, which we can go into deeper in a second, that's really appealing to me.

[03:30] There have been other times in my life where, for whatever reason, working with a healthcare practitioner, or an herbalist where I was taking a bunch of different supplements.

[03:40] The idea of taking two additional to get my multi when I could just switch out to a one‑a‑day and have one fewer pill, it doesn't sound that dramatic, but when you've got pill fatigue, it's very appealing to switch down to that one‑daily to fill in the gaps.

[03:54] Does that make sense?

Killeen: [03:54] Yeah. I guess that does make sense. It goes back to, I believe it was Episode 14, where we talked about gummies and why we launched a gummy collection.

[04:02] Same thing, right? There was a lot of different reasons we love our gummies, but one of them is for those people that just can't bear to take another tablet.

[04:10] I guess that makes sense. For me, I felt like if I could take one, I can take two. I get it I guess. If you've got more like a handful, then every tablet counts. Lifestyle then ‑‑ making it convenient, making it easy.

[04:25] I think something's coming to mind that I feel like you must have said back in a prior episode that the best multi is the one that you're actually going to take.

Abigail: [04:34] Absolutely. That's why I was going to say the next reason someone may opt for a one‑a‑day is maybe they're starting supplementation for the first time.

[04:42] They want to get into that habit where they're going to at least take something, maybe two a day, or splitting the dose seems daunting. They just want to start out with the basics. They're a great candidate for a one‑daily.

[04:55] They're going to take it once a day. They're not going to forget that second dose. It's not going to be an overwhelming way to introduce supplements into your life, another great candidate for that one‑daily.

Killeen: [05:05] Any other reasons why someone would go for the one‑a‑day versus the two? Are we missing anything, or does that pretty much cover it?

Abigail: [05:12] I think one other factor that I've considered in the past, and this is why I took a one‑daily back in the day, I eat a very clean diet.

[05:21] I try to very much prioritize leafy greens and lots of whole vegetables, and I felt like I was doing a really great job in my diet. I still wanted to fill in those gaps, but I wanted to do it in the easiest way possible.

[05:33] Another consideration, all of our diets, all of our lifestyles look a little bit differently. If you're looking at your multi to fill in those gaps, and you feel really confident about the nutrition that you're getting, you may be drawn to that one‑a‑day.

Killeen: [05:47] To take this a teeny bit further, let's pretend we're not looking at the amount of the one‑a‑day versus the two‑a‑day. Beyond that, for both of those options, we have more options that are specific to age and to gender.

[06:08] I'm very familiar with our two‑a‑day, doctor‑formulated multis and what we have available there because we have formulations for men and for women of various age brackets. We've got women, women over 40, and women over 55, and then respectfully, the same for men.

[06:25] I have to say I'm not as familiar with our one‑daily collection. I just haven't focused on it as much. Are the age and gender breakdowns the same for that, or are they different?

Abigail: [06:34] They are, and that's only been a recent addition. In fact, we've always had the under‑40 and the over‑40, one‑daily formulations.

[06:42] We've just introduced an over‑55 option for men and women so that those over the age of 55 who maybe have specific nutritional requirements can have that convenience of a one‑a‑day if they so choose.

Killeen: [06:54] That was nice of us to include that convenience for the over‑55 population. I'm glad to hear that. When would we expect to see those out on the shelf?

Abigail: [07:04] Those will be shipping early fall, I'd say hitting shelves in September.

Killeen: [07:09] Abby, that really does clear it up for me. I hope it clears it up for our listeners, as well. As always, fun to chat. Let's do this again.

Abigail: [07:17] Sounds good, Killeen. Thanks so much for calling.

Killeen: [07:19] Take care.

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