Dialing Down: Waste Water Production

Dialing Down: Waste Water Production

| Abigail McShinsky | March 2, 2018 |

One of the realities we are up against at MegaFood, as a manufacturer, is balancing the art of making the best supplements in the world (*insert humble bow here*) with the needs of our planet and the people on it. Making products requires resources – things like electricity and heat and water. Awareness, and a little ingenuity, however, can dramatically impact how much of these resources we use.

We’ve talked about our dryers before in this series. Despite the fact that they dry the FoodState Nutrients™ that we create, water is a vital part of the process (Curious how? Read more here)! Our dryers are equipped with a cooling system that cools the foods at the end of the belt to ensure they come away from the dryer easily, and are not heated when they do so. Water runs through the cooling system to – you guessed it – keep the system (and nutrients and foods!) cool, and then that water is discharged (meaning, much like Elvis, it has left the building).

In 2015, we used 3,339,304 gallons of water at the facility that houses our dryers. Of that, 2,479,260 were discharged back to the city. Not so great. We could do better!

Remember that ingenuity I mentioned at the top of the post? Thankfully, MegaFood is comprised of more than a few ingenious folks, and they came up with a solution to match! The fix, in this case, was a recycling water circulator at the end of each dryer. Our team worked with an outside company to develop a system that would work on these unique pieces of equipment. This allows the water used in the cooling system to continually circulate, meaning we’re pulling in less water, and as a result, discharging less water! What does this mean in terms of usage savings? Let’s take a look at some more numbers:

In 2016, when the recirculating system was installed, we used 1,586,752 gallons of water and discharged 1,234,260 gallons. This was a reduction of 1,244,729 gallons from the year before!

In 2017 we installed a third dryer. Despite the addition, we used 1,794,046 gallons of water but only discharged 1,001,035, reducing usage from the year before by another 243,694 gallons. This was a huge victory not only for us here at MegaFood, but for the ecosystems we impact as well!

Did reading this get you thinking about your own water usage? If so, same! I did a bit of reading so you don’t have to, though, and I’ll leave you with three tips you can implement right now (no recirculation system needed!) to cut down on the amount of water you and your family are using. (Spoiler: I had no idea how much water a simple shower could use!!)

  • Repair leaky faucets, indoors and out (one leaky faucet can equate to 2,700 gallons of wasted water per year!)
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth (this can waste up to 4 gallons of water!)
  • Take shorter showers (A 4-minute shower can use between 20-40 gallons!)

Have more water-saving tips and tricks?