Regenerative agriculture: It's as cool as it sounds.

Regenerative agriculture: It's as cool as it sounds.

| Abigail McShinsky | July 26, 2018 |

Sounds great! ...What is it?

When I first heard the term "regenerative agriculture," I had two near-simultaneous thoughts: "I’m in! Tell me where to sign-up!" and "What the h…" A further explanation should follow: I was immediately intrigued, and instinctively knew that it was something I would wholeheartedly support. At the same time – I’m not a farmer! – I had NO IDEA what regenerative agriculture might entail. But it felt good in my bones nonetheless.

Regenerative agriculture, defined

Afterwards, I started digging. What is regenerative agriculture? Why is it important? Why does it need to happen so quickly? Turns out, there’s quite a lot to it. For those of us that care deeply about where our food comes from, and how it may impact the planet (but maybe aren’t farmers or scientists), regenerative agriculture is essentially nurturing the soil in such a way that rebuilds soil organic matter, restores degraded soil biodiversity and creates soil that acts as a sponge. Easy, right?

Why does this need to happen?

You may be thinking along the lines of nutritious, healthy foods, and you wouldn’t be wrong! But that’s not the real point behind regenerative agriculture. What if I told you that through regenerative agricultural practices, you could reverse climate change? What if we could pull climate-damaging levels of CO2 from the atmosphere? Increase clean and safe water run-off? AND what if we could nourish ourselves with nutrient-dense foods at the same time? Put that way, this concept is a no-brainer, right?

Why is MegaFood getting involved?

As you may know, our supplements are made with farm-fresh whole foods! In fact, each year we buy over a half million pounds of fresh produce – all delivered to our back door in New Hampshire. (Check out How Your Vitamins Are Made.) That means that having nutritious, real foods is paramount to our products, which in turn means that soil health is something we take seriously! We take it so seriously, in fact, we joined up with The Carbon Underground and Green America to develop a new, outcomes-based global verification standard for food grown in a regenerative manner. With a mission to nourish a world in nutritional crisis, soil health – and therefore regenerative agriculture – is foundational to our company.

Now’s the time!

Remember all those "what ifs" I mentioned earlier? Those weren’t a "too good to be true" matter, either. But we need to act fast. Sara Newmark, our VP of Social Impact, offers some deeper dirt on our soil health situation in Earth only has 57 soil harvests left. Unless…

(Bleak as it may sound, the "unless" truly gives me hope.)

The commitments continue...

At MegaFood, we take our commitment to the Earth – and all the people (plants, and animals!) on it- seriously. We are so committed to using business as a force for good, we became a certified B Corp. Leading the way with regenerative agriculture is just the start of it!