Turning to Turmeric: How to Select Your Supplement

Turning to Turmeric: How to Select Your Supplement

| Abigail McShinsky | March 2, 2018 |

We’ve talked about turmeric before (Missed that post? You can read it here!). Yes, turmeric continues to be a ‘hot’ herb, but unlike most trendy supplements, the hype is well-earned.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that you’re already on the turmeric bandwagon, but you’re just not sure how to best supplement with it. There are a TON of turmeric products on the market today, and the choices can be overwhelming! We’re going to break down three of the most common reasons people look to turmeric, and offer some formula options to get you started!

The Root of the Trend: Inflammation Support

In her post The Power of Turmeric, Dr. Erin Stokes talks about turmeric’s “key role in maintaining a healthy whole body inflammation response.”* Indeed, turmeric is known for its ability to help support acute inflammation (that sore elbow from your last round of tennis, perhaps?), as well as the inflammation that may not be so apparent to us - that ‘whole body’ inflammation response Dr. Stokes alludes to. That said, let’s start with…

Turmeric Strength™ for Whole Body

MegaFood Turmeric Strength for Whole Body 60 Count Bottle

This formulation combines a powerful array of healthful compounds, whole foods and extracts that support a healthy inflammation response*, and features real, farm fresh turmeric root from Kauai Organic Farms to deliver 481 mg of curcumin per serving (those are the active compounds in turmeric)*. We also added BioPerine®, a patented black pepper extract that helps support the absorption of curcumin*, while cherries and berries provide added antioxidants*. That’s a whole lot of support packed into just two tablets a day!

Turmeric Strength™ for Joint

MegaFood Turmeric Strength for Joint 20 Count Bottle

While Turmeric Strength™ for Whole Body is a great starting point for most of us when it comes to turmeric supplementation, for some of us, ongoing inflammation in places like our joints can lead to occasional episodes of pain. In this case, turmeric combines well with other herbs and botanicals selected for their role in supporting healthy joints and mobility, providing a good option for joint comfort.* In addition to that turmeric (obviously 😉), this product also contains 200 mg of ginger root from our pals at Kauai. It also features the herb devil’s claw, which has been traditionally used to provide joint comfort.* If occasional episodes of joint discomfort sounds familiar to you, Turmeric Strength™ for Joint might deserve a second look.

Turmeric Strength™ for Liver

MegaFood Turmeric Strength for Joint 20 Count Bottle

So we know turmeric can play a role in healthy inflammation and a healthy pain response, but can it do more? You bet it can! Turmeric also has an affinity for supporting a healthy liver. Why might that be important? There are lots of reasons.

Just for starters, our liver helps us process all the pollutants we encounter on a daily basis just by breathing the air around us, which is a big job! Fortunately, MegaFood® Turmeric Strength™ for Liver blends together the amazing goodness of turmeric with whole foods and extracts that support an already healthy inflammation response.* In addition to real, farm fresh turmeric root from Kauai Organic Farms (delivering 300 mg of curcumin per serving), we also added milk thistle seed, which is rich in silymarin and shown to promote liver health*, while schisandra berry provides added antioxidants*. Lots of liver love!

The Trendy Trio, Explained..

Hopefully this guide to our trio of turmeric options makes it a tad easier for you to select a turmeric product that supports your individual health goals. And, to brighten your day a bit, here’s a quick look at how the turmeric in your favorite Turmeric Strength product “grew up.” Spoiler Alert! You’re gonna be jealous of these “baby pictures”....😊

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.